The Auckland Myopia Lab is the only university-based research group studying refractive development in New Zealand. Clinicians are free to consult with researchers to ensure any anti-myopia therapy and advice is consistent with international best practice, based on the latest research. 


With early intervention,

myopia can be greatly reduced in adulthood

History of the Myopia Control Clinic

The Myopia Control Clinic was a translational research clinic which ensured that the public could get access to the latest in anti-myopia knowledge and technologies. An early goal of the Myopia Control Clinic was to increase awareness of emerging research in the field of emmetropisation and refractive development to clinicians, while offering the latest anti-myopia technologies to the public. 

The Myopia Control Clinic was formally founded at the University of Auckland in 2010, after existing in various forms since 2008. Our methods and results have been presented at international conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals. Myopia clinics are now appearing at universities and private optometry practices around the world.

As of 2014, we are now part of undergraduate teaching clinics in the Eye Clinic at the University of Auckland, where we offer 5 day a week service. This gives fifth-year optometry students exposure to myopia control techniques, under the supervision of recognised experts in the field, which will greatly increase anti-myopia therapies in the public arena. We were proud to be part of this transition of myopia research into mainstream optometric practice, and encourage any interested parties to contact us should they have any enquiries.

If you are interested in myopia control for yourself or your children, please email or call (09) 923 9909 and ask for a Myopia Control assessment.